We develop conceptual designs through to the final details
  • About AF Architecture

    AF Architecture is a global architecture studio born in 2013. The first projects were developed in Bamako – Mali and in Luxembourg, where the studio headquarters is located. The projects refect the social, historical, political and cultural context of the countries they are developed for. That context serves as a creative inspiration. Architecture is a means to make dreams come true, a means to make people’s life wishes, stories and experiences be lived and felt in suitable spaces. In AF Architecture we create projects full of life meant to maximize people’s experiences in each space we design. At AF Architecture we create life oriented architecture and we develop each architectural concept through a forehand study, the authorization documentation and an execution plan and we direct construction works in several domains – residential, retail, logistics, institutional and interior design. Due to our experience in the diverse markets we operate in we also offer consulting services which help differentiate our studio.

  • Hospitality & interior

    We creates experiential destinations that touch the soul of every guest. Our global team takes an inclusive, forward-thinking approach to create bespoke designs for our clients, their guests and communities.

    We offer holistic design services including architecture, interior design, site design, planning and feasibility services. Curiosity, creativity and intelligence are the hallmarks of our design teams who balance beauty and performance in each environment they create.

  • Residental architecture

    We takes an integrated approach to residential mixed-use design, considering the needs of our clients, their investors, residents and the surrounding community.

    We craft designs that offer optimal unit planning, unit mix and amenity strategies, both inside and out. In all our work, we create bespoke environments for distinct lifestyles, integrating that vision from overall project concept to the finest architectural details.

  • Public architecture

    We deliver high-value, creative design solutions that satisfy the risk-averse nature of government clients. Like them, we are good stewards of public resources.

    We deliver in all forms of alternative project delivery, including design build, engineer-procure-construct (EPC), integrated project delivery (IPD), and public-private partnerships (P3). We operate in traditional design services-only contracts, too.


What we’re good at

AF Architecture provides a full range of Architectural and a broad spectre of Consultancy and Management services in residential, commercial, mixed-use and hospitality sectors. Every project is unique, and our professional services are always tailored to the needs of a particular client...
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We collaborate with ambitious brands and people; we’d love to build something great together.
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